White page after installation page

I want to install Nextcloud in a professional web hosting in OVH.
I have installation page, but after, I have a white page.
Database is create.
When I restart the page, I have the installation page.
Can someone help me ?


Edit your config.php and add the line:

‘debug’ => true,

Restart your web server, clear your browser cache and then try installing again.
Hopefully you’ll see some error messages to point you in the right direction.

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Thanks for you answer, but nothing change

Turn on error reporting in PHP and try again:


I don’t understand how i can turn on error reporting in php.
Can you explain more ?

He suggested to open

and add or change the value for variable “display_errors”.
Search for the line
display_errors = Off
and then change value “On”.
There are probably two lines containing “display_errors”. In one line it is commented (;display_errors = On) and the other line contains the value Off. Change the uncommented line. Afterwards you should see PHP errors on the white page - at least if there are errors PHP can determine and print.

Try editing /etc/php.ini

Thanks for your answer.
I have no etc/php/ folder in nextcloud.

This is a shared hosting, so I can’t see this folder/files

Could you please provide more information about your server? Right now we actually now nothing.

Please provide information about used software and software versions (web server, PHP, Nextcloud, PHP-fpm?).
Furthermore we definitely need logs! Please provide nextcloud.log, web server logs (including error log) and probably system logs.

Could you search for any php.ini on your server? Environment variables containing PHP could be usefully maybe.

My serveur is :

Nextcloud is the latest version
PHP used is 7.2

Installation page can read and write in the database, because when i start a new installation, i have “User already exist” and the database have all table. I can see this with phpMyAdmin.

I can’t change the owner files and folder, because of the shared hosting. With SSH, I can’t use Chown

Error log
[Wed Dec 06 19:34:04 2017] [error] [client] [host partage.koobi.fr] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /homez.431/koobi/partage/data/htaccesstest.txt
[Wed Dec 06 22:24:10 2017] [error] [client] [host partage.koobi.fr] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /homez.431/koobi/partage/data/htaccesstest.txt

PHP 7.2 is currently not supported and Nextcloud 12 doesn’t work with PHP 7.2.

Nextcloud is OK with PHP 7.1 ?

However, if you can choose, then don’t take PHP 7.1.12 and rather take 7.1.11

I can’t choose.
7.0 is better with nextcloud 12 ?

It work with PHP 7.1

Thanks a lot

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Yesterday Nextcloud was working and I set it up. I shut my computer down for the night, turned it on today and now I get a white page. Enabling display_errors in php.ini still gives me white page, I don’t see any errors to help me diagnose.