Which user has read my PDF?

Is it possible to see which users open a file? We create a protocol of each of our meetings. These protocols are put in the cloud as a PDF and everyone is supposed to read and control these protocols. My understanding is that not everyone does this and still approves the protocol later. Is there anywhere I can see who opened the PDF in NC or is there an app for that?

Maybe you can use Activity https://cloud.server.tld/apps/activity
(user setting: https://cloud.server.tld/settings/user/notifications)

But i think you can only get an info for public shares. Your request doesn’t really make sense either. Whoever has access has access and can view the files or not. If it is to be more of a workflow, it will probably have to be depicted differently. Read workflow and app Workflow external scripts. Sorry not tested.

Sounds like what you have is really a personnel problem. I’m not sure you can big brother that way in Nextcloud. Besides, even if they open the file, that’s no guarantee they actually read it…


Nice. :heart:

I think Nextcloud does not log reading either. Nextcloud only provides a user administration that enables reading in the first place. In the end, all the people who were authorised for the files can have read the files (or not).

Which is why watermarking is also used as copy protection.