Which URLs+IPs needed for outbound traffic from Nextcloud-server?

Hi all,
for security reasons I only want to allow my Nextcloud-server to talk to ip-addresses and urls which it has to. So my firewall rule is like this:
Source: Nextcloud-Server
Destination: URLs for Linux-Updates, NTP-Server, SMTP-Server …
(separated into several rules depending on the needed service, of course)

Now I am looking for a list of ip-addresses and urls that are needed by the nextcloud-server to work porperly. I found out that the nextcloud-Server needs the following:

  • nextcloud.com:443 --> to check for updates
  • --> to check for apps (the ip belongs to reverseproxy.nextcloud.com which can not be resolved)
  • github.com:443 --> to download new apps
    These are the urls/ips which I found yet, but I guess there are some more, that are needed to have the full comfort of nextcloud. Does anyone knows where to get this list?

Some required URLs were mentioned in this github issue (https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/8147):

Basic updates:

App Store Browsing:

App Install:

  • many different URLs (depends on app developer)

These apps:

If you want to use federated sharing, the federated host must be allowed as well.
Internet connectivity check pings www.nextcloud.com, www.google.com.

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