Which URL do I need to get the Free/Busy data from Nextcloud 13

Which URL do I need to get the Free/Busy data from Nextcloud 13

I plan to integrate FreeBusy into my Outlook.

Hello all,

It’s also not obvious to me how to get the free-busy URL to give others. Any help appreciated!

tarek : )

It’s not yet supported. If you want to chip in some coins the make free/busy support happen, do so at Bountysource. There is a bounty for it which is gaining momentum right now… https://www.bountysource.com/issues/39954053-free-busy-support-for-scheduling-meetings

From what georgehrke said, it is the wrong place. Some basis for this work seems implemented since NC13. Now there needs to be some improvement on the server side

and maybe later in the Outlook plugin.

So if we want to push this feature it might be better to put a bounty on the principal property search (see link above).

Is this feature still not implemented?
I am working in a team with different email clients, all synchronizing their calendar with nextcloud calendar app. The nextcloud is hosted by an external provider. This works fine for outlook (with caldavsynchronizer) and for thunderbird. For thunderbird also the free/busy information is shown when planning an appointment, but I have no information on the URL of the free/busy-Server. This is what I need to integrate this feature into outlook.


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Same Question !

It was implemented in NC 16:

OK, how do I use it in Outlook or Thunderbird?
As far I know I need a URL that ship this information for that.