Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?


True Mobile File Sync

I’d like it for ease of moving pictures off phones while leaving some pet (or children, whatever) pictures to show off, etc.



Maybe the Foldersync app might help you: https://www.tacit.dk/foldersync/

Maybe asking the developer nicely to push a version for Nextcloud might help :wink:?


Hello dear community,

first of all many thanks for Nextcloud to all involved! It would be great if you could limit the sharing function to a certain period of time. So you don’t have to deactivate them manually, but can rely on the fact that after a certain time the link doesn’t work anymore.

Best regards sn0rp.


Hi, expiration of shares is already possible. Just set an expiration on the link you share. If you don’t immediately see the expiration option, check the three dot menu.


A document signing app would be amazing.

Wiki pages that integrated file referencing would also be huge.

But Document Signing is what is probably going to be the make or break deal for my organization to choose this over some overpriced proprietary board software unfortunately. It hurts because Nextcloud can do 95% of what they want, except document signing :S


Amazingly there does’t really seem to be a good open source document signing system available. So this would definilty be an interesting nieche for a Nextcloud app.


Is the integration between OnlyOffice app and DocuSign helpful?


Not really in the sense that we’re likely not to ever move off MS Office. That is pretty cool though, but it would also mean maintaining 3 different software instead of a direct app/extension for Nextcloud. I discovered SignRequest, which is half the price of Docusign so we’ll see if we can integrate it with the APIs.


It would be great to share separate contacts between users or user groups. With syncing through CardDAV of course.


Private contacts for mobile phones - which can’t be shared with Facebook, Xing, Telegram, etc. when using those apps.


fyi, Requests for sharing user contacts and request for sharing group contacts can be found on Github.

Another big request is filtering of incoming emails in Nextcloud Mail app. Bounty is at $699

Also awesome is this issue to expose webcal calendars via CalDav. tldr, Use the Calendar app as a Caldav proxy for imported Calendars.

calendar app has recently gained support for subscribing to third party webcal calendars (see owncloud/calendar#132). It would be great to expose these imported calendars via CalDAV (e.g. to mobile clients). Nextcloud would act as a kind of proxy service. One usecase is increased privacy for (mobile) users (only the Nextcloud server connection gets exposed to the original webcal provider). Related owncloud issue: owncloud/core#26193


This already done by Sieve.



@Sanook It still needs to be implemented afaik. If you can get it functional there is a $699 bounty for you!


Yes, into Nextcloud. But there are lots of other ready made solutions which can do: http://sieve.info/clients.


I would like to see a true headless sync client. Not something that I have to run manually.


Another nice feature would be to be able to sync symbolic links.


Hi Devs,

I would like to password secure a folder on the server where files can only get in but only in webinterface with (additional) password entry you can see or delete it.

Use case:

Make picture with android
Instant Upload it to folder
Cannot be seen or removed from server without entering password.
So if something happens (anotherone grabs phone) it cannot be delete that easily.

How would that seem?

Thank you.


A pre-upgrade check function:

Before upgrading to the next major version of Nextcloud the function should check if all installed apps can be upgraded to the new version of Nextcloud.

For example, at the moment the Spreed.me app and the EPUB reader app are not supported in version 14 and therefore the web updater of Nextcloud will fail with “internal server error” while updating from v13 to v14.


@Sanook you may be interested in this app: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/caniupdate
It shows up below the upgrade option, with a list of any apps that do not have approved compatibility with the next release.
You may also be pleased to hear that this functionality is built into NC 14 - it doesn’t help you this time around, but when you upgrade from NC 14 to 15, you’ll have this warning without having to add an app.


Mail app supports multiple email accounts and sieve is server only. If mail filtering is on NC side they can be applied globally.