Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?


“Pocket Sync” I’m not sure if this also requires hardware on the phone, but something similar to the iPhones Airdrop. For large group events photos that are taken can be automatically uploaded and shared with everyone else at the event. It could have a timer set that it would be in effect for the length of the event. Integration of something like the airdrop function would give it the ability to work when no cell access. The photos could be synced between group members from their pockets and all participating devices can sync and match each other, so if I took the photo, and I’m standing next to Bob, he would then also have the photo and when he stands next to someone else it would transfer to that person. Kind of like a cold I guess but with photos.


A GANTT view for calendar tasks would be cool. This library would probably work nicely: