Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

Bring back Google drive as external storage.


Wallabag integration would be extremely lovely.

As for the timesheet function, it might be interesting to extend that to a project timetracker in the style of Kimai. I have just been getting into Nextcloud Deck which I am somewhat in love with, trying to tame it to do what I wish. It would be great to log into the Nextcloud instance, enter the project overview, start the time tracker, switch to Decks to see what is necessary, switch to an editor to start working on things, and end the tracker when I am done. That would be a powertool for bureaucratic road warriors like myself.

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Extending the calendar app to resources would be great!

While I agree it would be nice… did you ever look into Joplin? You use the app to work, but it can use Nextcloud as a backend. It is not very pretty, but very efficient.

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Hi @alfred

Thank you for the hint it is what I wanted.

Working with a paperless home to sort documents, letters, bills and so on…

  1. OCR the PDF´s to make them searchable
  2. Easy tagging even in Android and windows client (now its only possible on Web).
  3. Easy sorting and naming files (maybe a pickup from OCR, so the OCR should be editable, if the scanning goes wrong or isn´t good enough)
  4. Automaticly sorting in directories from a pickup folder.
    More about this here:
    Paperless Home (Letters, Bills)

Would also like to see Wallabag features in the bookmark apps (with archive), because I like to read arcticles when I´m on the move and I want to archive already cooked receipts ( that I can see uncooked and cooked receipts :wink: )

Best regards :slight_smile:

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Sadly, I don’t think the developer of News is maintaining it any more. On the github page he says he’s looking for a new maintainer. This is definitely something I hope Nextcloud will provide some resources for.


That is sadly a problem. New features would be cool, but first you would need “developers, developers, developers…”

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dunno if it was already mentioned… if yes, please just tell me and i’m gonna remove it

  • an app to edit email templates
  • an app to set some more adjustments (like: icons on header-row, hide contact details from external, hiding several topics from users, etc)
  • an app to edit the look of your frontpage (right now it’s just a mess with several apps)
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Would you mind adding some screenshots for additional context.

that looks like a mess - especially “login without chat” - that’s completely out of bounds.
plus: some guys want to hide “passwort vergessen” etc.

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An app or a configuration option where I can “set up” “enable/disable” all the email-stuff, like:

  • HTML or PLAIN TEXT mails
  • content of emails, like status-mails, password-reset, or first-login
  • own color schematas for HTML mails

An app or a configuration option where I can change all color schamatas for the website. Today I can change the color i.e. from blue to organge, but the maintenance-page ist still blue.


App password restrictions for specific nextcloud apps

  • Currently one-time passwords allow access to all apps of that user.

A WebUI Screenshot app!

Hubzilla Integration, which you can help test here.

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Foldertree - optionally allow a tree view of folders in the left pane for easier, file manager navigation. This used to be offered through an old Owncloud app and is a nice part of FileRun. I would personally prefer this to the default Nextcloud menu in most user situations.


We would really like an app that allows for uploading webvr and/or 360 panorama content with automatic link creation so we can let customers view our models via Nextcloud…
Working for several architecture offices i know there’s a market for this.
We use Enscape for rendering and they provide this as a service in their software.
Nextcloud integration would be fantastic.


That should be actually fairly easy with AFrame. Right now you could use ideaspacevr https://www.ideaspacevr.org/

But that is really just a php wrapper around Mozilla’s AFrame WebVR framework.

Already here, just needs a new life from a new dev :wink::

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An easier way to make and see comments in the gallery. As the comments are currently “hidden” unter the file details which you have to open for each picture separately, almost no one I know makes use of the comment function. A button next to the download/delete/share button in the top that shows or hides a comment field would be great.

I would love to have the possibility to create folders where the uploaded content is being deleted after a certain period of time. There is already the retention-app but it requires to set a tag to each of those files and the period of time is measured starting with the file timestamp and not the upload date…


Currently, comments cannot be viewed by federated parties sharing a file, nor can anonymous uploaders add a comment with the files they send. I’d recommend submitting your request for comment visibility directly to the Nextcloud Gallery github issues page.

On file retention, I’d recommend submitting your feature requests directly to their Github page here.