Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?


Forgot password? If so I was just looking for a way to remove that or change the URL to a email

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Integrate or prepare Nextcloud with Solid.


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I’m still mystified as to how Solid works, using a pod based system for everything. Developers will need to provide some good working examples first. I’m on Tim’s newsletter, but not much technical nor development movement at present.

Great Job on Nextcloud guys, it’s truely amazing.
Some features I’d love to see are:

  1. Card Covers for Deck, they already exist on the mobile app but they’re not available for desktop
  2. RTL support for Notes, or the ability to align text in the text editor, maybe export to pdf?
  3. Timer for Time Tracker instead of manual input would be amazing
  4. A way to restore the template folder because once deleted after first creation, there’s no way to bring it back

Thank you for all the amazing effort that you’ve put in this platform. it truly is a one for all solution.

It’d be great to keep clearer track of what does work, does not work, and is being roadmapped as a part of Nextcloud release announcements. For years the only method available is to painstakingly test every bit as it appears in order to know whether it is useful or makes sense to use. I do wish this would change in order to help those of us actively bug testing new releases. Hopefully this spurs some interesting discussion.

Thinking of:

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This is a consolidation of various share requests across the thread.


And multiple talk instances for a single account. For example it is not possible to connect to the same call with the phone app and the browser

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For Organizations:
An organization view, A chart to show the organization, show who is manager of whom.

Why not doing a presentation and store it inside your NC?

All clients and applications are missing a key feature that used to be part of owncloud. This feature was called “delete unused local copies”. There was a sliding bar that let you determine how long a file was kept locally on your device. Without this feature the app becomes nearly impossible to use on my phone because the files add up so quickly and finding them all to remove them from my phones memory is very painful. Could you add this feature to the nextcloud apps?


Oauth for smtp :slight_smile:

Amazing idea with a foldertree. As a newcomer this is the feature I have been looking for since my first glance at this otherwise great product :slightly_smiling_face:


What do you mean with “All clients”? Please add some details.

iPhone app and android app and windows Nextcloud client are the primary clients I use. I guess the apps aren’t clients. Sorry to be confusing. The feature existed in the ownCloud iPhone and android apps but not in the ownCloud windows client. When I started searching for a personal and personal company database I first found ownCloud so I tried it and loved it aside from the fact it had no support. I have since moved to Nextcloud and enjoyed it even more now except for this one feature that has really been a drag on my phone recently.

Thanks for following up. Another reason why I really love Nextcloud.

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I would like to see a Nextcloud-instance Migrating App.
I created an Issue on github for that Idea.

I would like to see some Thumbs-up for this Idea.


I´d like to be able seeing which apps needs an update using the CLI (occ app:listupdates).

i would like to have a shopping list (“Einkaufsliste” for e.g. grocery) that i can share with circles and they automatically sync with the clients.

I use Deck for that one.

Imho it c overs it perfectly.

Allowing the Dashboard to be available as an RSS feed would make it easy to monitor and share with guests. This is already possible with the Activity and Bookmarks apps. Also, it’ll go nicely with the ability to re-organize the Dashboard by project association (in-progress).

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