Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

Allow users to disable Dashboard and restore Files / AppOrder as their the primary view in nc20+.

This is currently only possible for admins through root access to the shell.

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Automate adding to a Project via Flow app

I’d love to see all of the client and browser applications for Nextcloud supporting LoginFlow. This greatly simplifies things by not needing to know webdav addresses or one-time passwords.

As it is almost that time of year again:

A secret santa generator

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An Admin application (GUI) that would easily allow you to change and/or add an additional storage directory. Separate from application installation/OS drive. Unless you initially install on a NAS, storage often becomes an issue sooner than expected, drives get old (eventually failing) requiring the admin to manually change the data destination, why not just make it a tool for the Admin. I’m sure this easier said than done as I’ve tried moving the data directory to another drive following step by step instructions,. I’m a novice with Linux but I think this feature would really enhance users inclination toward self storage.

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The ability to add multiple data storage paths with an option that makes them appear as a single merged big storage in the cloud space directory.


A function to allow you to see file hash in the file details information.

@Jammer https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/checksum

It would be nice to see a listing in the files menu for “conflicted copies” in whatever manner possible. Improvements have been arriving for client devices, and this is a complex problem and any way to make it less painful is truly appreciated!


PLEASE create a proper method of migrating between auth backends. For example I would like to migrate from Nextcloud’s internal auth to LDAP. But there’s no real way to do that. I’ve seen several posts saying how to do it, but those involve running various database commands etc, which isn’t a real solution, and Nextcloud can’t expect anyone in the field to reasonably do that in the field in a production environment.

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Also I would love to be able to choose the same option for all conflicting files at once


“Push Notifications are currently not available” for Nextcloud unless installed on Android via Google Play store.

Android Mobile Client really needs an alternative way to other Push or Pull notifications, as only the Google Play version is currently supported for Nextcloud notifications. Users of F-Droid version, or any Linux users on devices such as the Librem 5 and Pinephone, have no way to receive any notifications on their device afaik.


No more features please. Stability instead. Spend more time on testing than on marketing! Please!


Same for me. And Video playing also.

Chat Notifications Popup or Drop down from Profile Area = HOMERUN!

From users on my Nextcloud, this is the most desirable. The red marker on the bell is not enough of an indicator to be noticed when one has a Talk/IM message.


Being able to use the chat on any page of the web-app ala Facebook would be a big step forward for productivity.

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What about opening Talk in another Tab/Window?

Add tag synchronization across the different operating systems.

When tagging on MacBook, I want to be able to see the same tags on my Linux system

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Forgot password? If so I was just looking for a way to remove that or change the URL to a email

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