Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

Idea: android sync app that easily syncs your contacts and calendars.
No need for davx5 any more. Inspired by “OX Sync” app which does this for open Xchange.

What do you think?


Well, I think the problem with contacts / calendars sync is not in the Nextcloud side, but in Android, so I’m not sure a Nextcloud app would solve it.

In addition, Davx5 works very well and is nicely integrated with nextcloud so I don’t think the effort will be worth it.


Only if they plan a complete redesign of everything

I’m missing a Android TV version of the app with image gallery

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The possibility of defining permissions which user can use which apps. I have a couple of users, which for example I only want to give the Files app.

They have deleted the image gallery app :frowning:

You can do that for the groups. So put those users into the same group to limit them.

Not sure what you mean by “the groups”. I have 20+ apps installed in NC and only what to give let’s say Files and Tasks to user X. He should not see and not have access to the other 18+ apps.

Go to the Applications page. Click on one of those you don’t want your users to access. On the panel on the right side, you can choose to limit the access at some groups. So first, create a group of users you want to limit the access.

It doesn’t work for all the applications. They don’t all have that option.

And with some app, like Collabora or Onlyoffice for exemple, you can choose to limit directly in the app’s settings.

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:crazy_face: overlooked that completely. thanks a lot! one more painpoint of my list.

Face recognition for images

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Preview generation on local machine before uploading to save cpu power of server, similar like Photo Station Uploader of Synology can do.

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Already there: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/facerecognition


Is it possible to restrict admin accounts to only administer certain apps?
To allow trivial changes but deny access to nextcloud upgrades, LDAP settings etc.


HI all,
I would like to see a way to extend the slideshow time between images. In gallery I found info on how to tweak the file and used WEBMIN because of the headless nature of my setup. Any suggestions right now would be welcomed. Slideshowing images right from FILES seems to work best in version 18.0.4 for me.

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And who will be allowed to do the latter?

Hi all, glad to see so much interest in this topic. I just want to remind everyone that the point of this thread has been to request Missing Apps or Missing Features. Things are steering off-course from the original intention:

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I’m actually the one that brought this question up in THIS thread, but without answer chased it up on IRC, and it was then put here to see if someone could shed some light on this missing feature :wink: Please take a look there, where I’ve answered your question.

An option to add an watermark to the photos when the photos are shared.

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I’d like a smarter App-store that can list “new” and “updated” apps. Also ability to filter out already installed apps.

I was told there is already a request on github for this :slight_smile: https://github.com/nextcloud/appstore/issues/625