Which missing apps and features do you want in Nextcloud?

A complete and unified workflow automation for decentralized organisations, with commitment options; starting from tags (urgent, to-be-decided, type of activities, etc.) and tasks, linking all relevant information to perform the job (files or folders, emails, calendar events, project/deck, contact persons, etc.) in the targeted workflow/project/task. To improve NextCloud Deck as a center piece?

The task would be then assigned to a user (or a group of users, given a minimal number of commitments required), who will be notified a request for commitment, ideally to the mobile client. The user (or the users within the group) could then accept or refuse the commitment, or, if the task creator so provides, accept the commitment in a modified form. Inspiration could be the GitHub workflow. It’s a lot of design and structural thinking, but could be a complete game changer.

A more rational and powerful way to manage contacts; merging between contacts and users (with a filter to find the latter) + sync with external database; PHPList is super handy to import/export users and to dispatch them between lists and attributes, I would like it to inspire the NextCloud environment as to the contact database management.

A competitive integrated slack-like/confcall engine. NextCloud Talk/spreed is full of backlogs (https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed/issues) and lacks essential basic features such as editing/deleting messages (https://github.com/nextcloud/spreed/issues/1836). External integrations are being discussed (https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/3202; and rightly so, if there are no internal capacities to improve NextCloud Talk/spreed) but it feels like there is no pilot on the plane. Since home office and remote collaborative work are getting more and more important, the current situation represents a serious brake on the expansion and the wider adoption of Nextcloud as a Hub.

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Here is the request to optionally mirror federated data from ServerA to ServerB. It has a bounty if you care to add.

This ncp script

Does that for for ncp users
Not sure what would be needed to adjust this to work on a regular NC
I think it simply calls nc-update-nc-apps (which in turn executes ncc=occ -u www-data)

/path/to/nextcloud/occ app:update --all

so looks pretty straight forward to script and set up as a daily cronjob.

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I suggested it here in the forum on 1. August 2019, but they did not pay attention to it :frowning:
I’m beginning to think no one’s reading this.

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Option to export and import Nextcloud settings, users and their settings, as well as shares, calendars, todo’s, contacts, etc.

Similar to a backup of a router or access point where a backup can be saved to file and restored to a new device.

For example if there is an existing instance of Nextcloud and the admin want to migrate to a new version. Or a Nextcloud instance need to be cloned.

Instead of backing up of everything according to https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/18/admin_manual/maintenance/backup.html simply export all settings, users, shares, calendars, etc. (everything expect files of users) to a file, then install the new instance of Nextcloud and restore the previously exported file.


LTS version of Nextcloud.

Provide guaranteed function of a basic set of apps and not let them die from one version to the other, like social app or gallery app.

I just want to work with my cloud and not be afraid after every update if something does not work anymore.


A Nextcloud subscription can provide LTS support.

But the subscription is starting at 50 users - i only have a handful of.

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We could certainly benefit from better export options. Not all apps are capable of exporting data: comments for files, tasks, deck, social, circles, Talk conversations.

Also, GDPR compliance is almost non-existent as all Data Request does is contact your admin: nothing more. Plus, how would they export the above data?

At some point, would be awesome to have Google Takeout like functionality for those users who do not have administrative control over their own accounts.
Or, incorporate Zot so users can migrate and mirror their accounts on multiple servers.
See this federated backup request as well.


@Sanook I already asked something like this for smaller customers over at Videoconference performance, but got no reply:

Idea: android sync app that easily syncs your contacts and calendars.
No need for davx5 any more. Inspired by “OX Sync” app which does this for open Xchange.

What do you think?


Well, I think the problem with contacts / calendars sync is not in the Nextcloud side, but in Android, so I’m not sure a Nextcloud app would solve it.

In addition, Davx5 works very well and is nicely integrated with nextcloud so I don’t think the effort will be worth it.


Only if they plan a complete redesign of everything

I’m missing a Android TV version of the app with image gallery

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The possibility of defining permissions which user can use which apps. I have a couple of users, which for example I only want to give the Files app.

They have deleted the image gallery app :frowning:

You can do that for the groups. So put those users into the same group to limit them.

Not sure what you mean by “the groups”. I have 20+ apps installed in NC and only what to give let’s say Files and Tasks to user X. He should not see and not have access to the other 18+ apps.

Go to the Applications page. Click on one of those you don’t want your users to access. On the panel on the right side, you can choose to limit the access at some groups. So first, create a group of users you want to limit the access.

It doesn’t work for all the applications. They don’t all have that option.

And with some app, like Collabora or Onlyoffice for exemple, you can choose to limit directly in the app’s settings.

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:crazy_face: overlooked that completely. thanks a lot! one more painpoint of my list.