Which is the "best" office collaboration software for MS Office documents?

Hi guys,
we are planning to use Nextcloud in our research institute for collaborating in projects with external partners. What is especially important is working together on office documents.
Which software do you prefer ? Collabora oder OnylOffice ? Which has the best compatibility to MS Office documents ?
Could you please share your experiences ?
For several reasons we don’t want to use MS Office 365.



hey @bernd.lentes

and welcome to the forum. thanks four your very first participation here.

i think the point your asking for was already discussed here on the forum… if you wouldn’t mind searching for it…

I, personally, seem to have a preference for one solution… but I think it would be unfair if I’d put it out.
So my suggest is: try both. YOu could install both at the same time to the same machine (I had that as well)

Hi Jimmy,

thanks for your post. I thought a forum is intended to share opinions and experiences.
So why don’t you share your experience with me/us ?

You are right, i found some discussions about it in the forum.


Well if you’d force me like that… :wink:

First of all I had OO installed but somehow it was loading pretty slowly on my device and I didn’t really like the UX and the handling in general (though the installation went smoothly)

Then CODE came up with NC19 and installation went as smoothly as the other one. But it loads pretty fast and I really like the UX (as it’s resembling LibreOffice very much).

So I’d always go with CODE from this point on… Knowing that it’s not compatible with MS-Docs, though (like LO isn’t). If you want 100% compability with MS-Docs you’d need to stay with MS-Office, I’m afraid. No other solution I know can guarantee a 100% compability.

Awww… and a pretty important point: Both of these free versions are not made for productive use by many ppl at the same time. If you’d need more than like 20 connections at the same time (1 person opening 20 docs or 20 persons opening 1 doc) you should go for an extra-OO/CODE-server

If you want the best MS-Office compatibility, I would suggest a dedicated OnlyOffice documentserver. I has worked great for me without any problem. But if you want more than a few people working together and all features (like mobile editing) you might need a OnlyOffice subscription.