Which is Nextcloud's default storage path?

Hello, everyone!

I’ve just managed yesterday to finally get my Nextcloud installation working, through Portainer, Docker, with SSL… everything! But I don’t really understand where in my system are the files being stored… I even managed to install Nextcloud desktop, with a sync folder in my home directory, but I don’t think that’s the actual storage path, is that right? Which one is it? I would like to mount my SSD to that path, just so I can give myself enough storage space for once, instead of just stealing away from my own laptop.

Can anyone help, please?
Thank you.

Look in config/config.php:
'datadirectory' => '/path/to/nextcloud/data',

In that directory you find directly the user directory e.g.

Also you can search:

find / -type d -name "username"

If you use a Windows Nextcloud client and sync the files than the files on the laptop and in the cloud.


First, congratulations on getting everything up and running!

In addition to what @devnull stated for the datadirectory path within Nextcloud itself, you’re using containers. So the underlying path on your host system will ultimately depend on how you’ve configured your Nextcloud container(s) and container environment. You configured the volume details when you established the environment so you’ll also need to review how you set things up at the host level.

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Thank you both. I’ll look into it, as soon as I find some free time today.