Which is Beta Stable and Prod Version now?

i am confused, since NC 17 is published over a month while my NC with stable Setting, not getting this Version. So i searched and see a lot of people who have the same problem. Thats why i asked myself which version is now in Beta, Stable and Prod Channel, but find any hint of that.

I suppose that 17 is beta, 16 is Stable and perhaps 15 is for production, but the wording in Release Notes is not clear, or i dindt find it right now.
Please clearify this.

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Happy hacking.

Hi TP75,
iam not sure if iam after reading this, beeing smarter. So you will tell, that not clearly communicyte the version of NC for Beta, Stable and Production is part of the philosophy of the Nextcloud GmbH?

@Taste Hi again.

IMHO your assumptions could be correct but avoid jumping to false conclusions. Please read my text in completeness and more thoroughly, I presume.

FOSS truly rocks.

IMHO Nextcloud is cloud at it’s best.

Happy hacking.