Which hardware to host NextCloud : Synology 918+ or RockPro64 (I own both)

Hi folks !

I have dived into NextCloud recently and I’ve used a RockPro64 to host a “proof of concept” instance.

First of all it works really really well :slight_smile: I used NextCloudPi that comes with some easy setup interface to setup trusted domains, lets encrypt and so on…

I have the choice between Synology NAS 918+ (RAM 4G, 4 cores, 8Tb HDD) and RockPro64 (RAM 4G, 4 cores, 32Gb HDD)

Now that I’m confident to stick with NextCloud, I want to be sure to have the max performances !

  • All my data is stored in the Synology NAS and I’m currently mounting a external storage to view the data from my RockPro64. Is hosting NextCloud to Synology will solve performance issues in displaying the gallery (Today I use Samba access from RockPro) ?
  • Do anyone have performance ideas on what is the best between both solutions ?
  • What should be the most easy to setup ? I like NextCloudPi today that is really really easy.
  • If I want to use Collabora, I assume that I would need both devices but I’m quite lost for which device to handle nextcloud or collabora role

Thanks a lot for your help ! :slight_smile:


did you think about a “multiserver” installation?

run the database and collabora on synology and nextcloud on rockpro.

on the other hand i guess the 32gb rockpro drive is ssd. so putting the database there and put nextcloud to the sysnology could be better.

is there a collabora image for the rockpro64 architecture or is rockpro a x86_64 system?

Well honestly I would prefer one server to run it all but it seems to be complicated with Collabora :slight_smile:

My Synology has 240Gb of SSD caching and the RockPro has 32Gb of eMMC storage

It don’t really understand what are the options for Collabora. Does it needs one dedicated server or can it be running on the same

Thanks !

And RockPro is arm64 system :slight_smile: I assume there is an image of Collabora for armbian

I have been running Nextcloud on my Synology DS218+ for a few months now and have upgraded both major and minor versions between v14 and v16. I have just one 4GB memory stick in the memory upgrade slot of my DS.

I used this page to get Nextcloud installed and I submitted a few fixes for issues which occurred during upgrades. My name is Phillip so you can see my fixes on the page.

a docker run collabora/code will show you. :wink:

this is at least an easy and complete setup method

tested on raspi debian 9 but not rockpro. if you have a spare sd-card (or don’t mind if the system is f-up afterwards.) you may try if it’s working. :wink:

Hi guys !

So I went the Synology way this week end :slight_smile:

The installation is complete but I have some message (Administration/Overview) for missing PHP modules … imagick

Does anyone know how to fix that ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

sudo apt install php-imagick

Unfortunately there is no apt command with Synology :frowning: only ipkg…

That module is only needed for the theming app. If you disable this app, the message will go away.

Just to close the topic I went with Docker image on Synology :slight_smile: works perfect… Now I’m heading to make Collabora work :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: