Which folder is the update downloaded to? ⤵


Anyone here knows which folder the update files are downloaded into when you run the auto update from the back-end? :thinking:

Thanks in advance.



Thanks a bunch! :facepunch:

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You can also set the folder where the update files are stored.

‘updatedirectory’ => ‘’,
documentation updatedirectory

@JimmyKater Maybe it can be added in your documentation link.


That´s an awesome suggestion. I might do that.
Thank you so much @devnull ! :smiley:

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@devnull as it is already mentioned in
documentation updatedirectory
I’m not sure they would re-link it there. since it then would be neccessary to re-link all other options as well. which isn’t the case.

but yeah, it somehow would make pretty much sense


Well thanks for your reply.

I’m just wanted to know because we had a case when the download failed and thus was blocking the auto-update from continuing to the next step of the update process. So the most logical action would be to manually delete the failed download in the server’s / Nextcloud’s directory.

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