Where to start with an App Idea


I am trying to build a web platform in the field of farming and am considering Nextcloud as base platform for this as it handles files, contacts, calendars pretty well (no need for me to reinvent the wheel).

I want to provide the service via a Nextcloud instance I manage and host.

  • Is it possible to store extra information in the user’s profile (mainly subscription and payment info, phone number, billing address etc). Nextcloud’s registration app does only provide a link via email.
  • How to be GDPR compliant? is there a way for a user to export their data?
  • Can my app be accessible using a REST API (for mobile client)?
  • Is the data generated by a user isolated from other users?
  • Is it possible to integrate my app with SMS services such as Twilio?

More generally, I am looking for pointers to where to look for tutorials (especially frontend development)

Thank you for your help!

obviously good entry points are