Where to find / how to create ascii art terminal logo

Hi devs,

I really like the looks of the NextCloud terminal logo as it appears every time I log in from remote. I have two questions:

  • where do I find the text file containing the (possibly) UTF8 source characters to be displayed on login, within the file system?

  • as I think, the logo was not created manually but with some tool support: with which application was the NextCloud terminal logo created in the first place, before it was put / exported into the respective text file which is shown each login?

here the image I see within the console:

A quick research shows directly some results for a local Ascii converter. If you are not using Linux, you might use docker or do a research on your own:

Hi @christianlupus ,

thanks for your quick reply.

And sorry for being so unspecific with my question…

Concerning my questions:

  1. I am interested in the particular location of the text file within some installation folder of NCP on my local machine. So I can localize (and maybe change) its content temporarily.

  2. there are loads of different IMAGE-2-ASCII converters out there, yes, jp2a and ascii image converter are widely used tools. I am interested in knowing the exact tool, the logo for NCP was made with,

    • as it shows specific shading on the edges
    • as it does not use “ordinary” characters like “a”, “X” or “#” but half-blocks for displaying colored graphical representations.

Any hints for either of these questions?


PS: I added the first message within this thread to show what I see on my terminal screen.

Okay, sorry i misinterpreted your question.

I think you are looking for this file.

I have not found any script that generated this file. Sorry maybe someone from the ncp can help you better.

Hi @christianlupus . Thanks for the hint. Yes, this answers my first question. Thank you.

Now, if anybody could point me to the tool which generated that text file, I would be completely happy :wink: .

@nachoparker added the file in 2017. maybe, he will read this thread?

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