Where to find encryption keys (or the /data/<user>/file_encryption path

Nextcloud version 14:
Operating system and version unRAID 6.6.6:

I’m having trouble finding my encryption keys - the documentation says these are saved in /data/user/file_encryption, but I do not understand what this path refers to. If I ssh into my unRAID system and go to /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud I only see /keys /log /nginx /php and /www. Where should I be looking instead

is there a www/config/config.php file?
in there should be an entry with the path to your data/file folder.

Yeah, it’s in /mnt/user/appdata/nextcloud/www/nextcloud/config, it just says ‘datadirectory’ => ‘/data’ which isn’t helpful Nextcloud is running as a docker container, and I don’t quite understand how dockers work, does that change things?

a bit. yes.
are you in- or outside the container with your shell?

another way to find the key: find / -name "*file_encryption*" may take bit. so be passioned.

Nope, find / -name "*file_encryption*" didn’t work.

I was outside the container, I then went to the unRAID GUI, clicked on the Nextcloud icon and chose console, at which point I guess I was inside the container and was able to find the /data folder.

Since the whole point of this was that I wanted to be able to backup the encryption keys, would anyone be able to tell me how I do that? Do I just backup the docker.img?

no. should be the docker volume that contains /data.
if it’s in the image it would lost with the next update/docker rm.


I found it. On unRAID it’s in /mnt/user/nextcloud/files_encryption (though this is only the case if you follow SpaceInvaderOne’s tutorial on how to setup Nextcloud on unRAID).

I should mention that I’m really regretting using unRAID as my home server setup, it’s such a specific OS that has so many things it does annoyingly different.