Where to find documentation on certain occ commands/syntax (e.g. user:setting files quota)

Hi team,

Sorry if I’ve asked this in the wrong place/manner. This is my first post here.

I’m trying to change a users quota with occ command and I have succeeded by using this syntax which I found on these forums in a post:

sudo -u www-data php occ user:setting [uid] files quota 1GB

But I can’t find the usage of this user:setting [files quota] in the documentation? Can someone point me to where I can find this and other examples of user:setting options?


You’ve probably already read → this ← and you want to find even more switching options?
You probably have to make the first values with the WebUI and then call up the IS state so that you can see the difference…

That’s the way I learned most of it. Learning by doing, backwards engineering :wink:

Much and good luck,

Hi @ernolf

Yep I have looked at that page - but if you do a CTRL-F on that page for “quota” you find 0 results and unfortunately even looking at the user info for quota I can’t work out how I’m supposed to find the “files quota” syntax :confused: