Where to find diagram(s) about Nextcloud's structure

Just a general question in order to find solutions to problems more easily or at least becoming able to point to more specific locations when asking for support…

Where do I find diagrams about Nextcloud’s architecture?

I only find textual descriptions of various parts of Nextcloud, but I’d like to know if there are diagrams out there which give an overview of e.g.

  • to which of Nextcloud’s components the config.php file is connected or
  • from which components the different log files are written or
  • which components a client’s request has to pass in order to be serviced or

Please see the attached picture as an example. The “bars” within gray boxes can be thought of filters or gates, where information passes when certain conditions (set by dashed line) are met.

@jospoortvliet: Do you have such diagrams somewhere? Could be interesting to have a nice overview for new app developers as well.

There’s an architecture whitepaper but it doesn’t go so deep… I don’t think there’s much else… Feel welcome to create and share something!