Where to change tha address of my nextcloud server

I just install nextcloud,
and I don’t find where I can change is address.
When I go to parameter/mobile and desktop, I see that the address of the server is

But I want to change this parameter and I don’t find where.

On the mobile client, I think you need to sign out, then use a different server address when you sign in.

On the desktop client, you need to remove the sync folder in the client, then re-sync it with the new address.

My problem is not on the client, but on the server. If I log as admin, In page parameter/mobile, I have a LAN address. My problem is on my mobile client, if I use this LAN address, no problem. But if I use an internet address (which point to my server I have “Access from a non secure domain” and I can’t connect.

Thank you

You need to set your trusted domains.


Thank you,
That’s right now