Where is the LOOL configuration found?

I installed Nextcloud + Collabora on Debian/Nginx no problem, it went very well and I’m really happy with the result :smile:

But the amount of configuration that can be done from in the office online UI is very minimal, for example how would I go about disabling autocorrect since its not available in the UI?

There’s no easy way to toggle AutoCorrect While Typing currently. We should add a menu item for that. Let me tell you the hard way. In browser console, select the loleafletframe, and type:

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Cool thanks for that - I actually found another way that sets it from the server side :smile:

You can add options to /etc/loolwsd/loolkitconfig.xcu. It seems that anything that works in the desktop version’s preferences can be added in there and they take effect! The desktop file is ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/registrymodifications.xcu and contains a million options. The LOOL version is very slimmed down with only about 5 options by default.

Yes, loolconfig.xcu also works, if you know better defaults than the factory defaults.

It is an interesting question, how to make persistent settings for individual Nextcloud users. It is not implemented in the protocol.

I’m not really that fussy, the defaults would be fine, but that option was a MAJOR problem in this one case, we have a collaborative spreadsheet where users put in their crypto addresses, and the auto-complete option was changing some of the addresses! fortunately it made them invalid so the transactions failed rather than money being sent into the void :slight_smile:

Ah, so it was in the spreadsheet! My example was for Writer. Good to know, I’ll add the menu for Calc, too.

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