Where is the list of keyboard shortcuts?

I know Deck supports keyboard shortcuts, as I’ve accidentally triggered them many times. My attempts to find the canonical list have not been successful; the docs don’t seem to mention them and a google search only brings up some git issues. Sorry if I missed something obvious. Where should I look? Is it in a handy place in the source at least?

hey @coljac and welcome to the communityforums of NC.

ummm… the deck app of NC, as I understand it, relies heavily upon the “original”- kanban-project. So maybe there are standard shortcuts for kanban projects? Have you tried those already?

Hi @JimmyKater and thanks for the response.

I don’t think there’s a standard set of keybindings. For instance, on Trello ‘c’ archives a card but that seems to be done by ‘a’ in NC Deck.

The best I can do is look here and here. in the source. It seems like:

  • Arrow keys changes card focus
  • N: New card
  • F: Toggle filter
  • X: Clear filter
  • Q: Filter by me

And for a focused card:

  • E: Edit title
  • A: Archive card
  • O: Change ‘done’ status
  • M: Toggle menu
  • Enter/Space: Open card
  • S: Assign self

Not sure if I’ve missed anything. I’d love a way to assign to someone else without mousing. At least this might help someone else who’s searching for a list.

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I cherish your efforts! Thanks for that!

I marked this a a solution to your opening question if you won’t mind.

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Shift + ?

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@stefan-niedermann That was the first thing I tried. Nothing happens for me - nothing pops up, no error in the Firefox console. Strange.

Deck 1.13.0 on Nextcloud 29 in Firefox 125.0.3 (Flatpak).
Feel free to open a bug issue, maybe you find some hints in your browser console (F12) or so.

I’m on the same versions. How bizarre. I’ll see if I can figure it out and open an issue.