Where is the .kdbx file after creation of a keeweb database?


So I don’t really know if I did understand well how keeweb for nextcloud works or if its a bug, but here is my problem.

I create a new KeeWeb DB from the KeeWeb app in Nextcloud. Now I want to synchronize it with an android phone which has NC installed and KeePassDroid.

I thought that I could just tell KeePassDroid to look for the .kdbx file under the nextcloud folder so I can get my password DB. However, I can’t find that file in my nextcloud file app, nor from the phone, neither from the NC server.

What do I miss ?

[edit] So I connected again on my nextcloud from another computer, and the DB I created does not exist anymore (or is not found by keeweb either). While it still exists from the other computer.

I have NC from a Nextcloud box, with NC 11.0.3 and keeweb app 0.4.0


Hi jean, I’m having the same issue. Did you figure out a solution ?

Yep, so the problem is that you can’t create a kdbx file with this app, because keeweb cannot export through webdav (yet?) (https://github.com/jhass/nextcloud-keeweb/issues/53)

To fix this, you actually don’t really need the keeweb app on nextcloud. Just create a database on your computer, and sync it with nextcloud with your other devices. The app will allow you to open it whenever you want without downloading it.


I see, too bad I really like this app. It seems it’s not really there yet, opening a .kbdx file (stored on nextcloud) through WEBDAV in Keeweb didn’t work for me either…

Seems like I’ll have to revert to using a desktop client and sync it with NC as you suggest


I realise this is an old thread, but for anyone who was wondering how to easily create a kdbx file and use it in NC you might find this interesting.

You can always create an empty keeweb file using the online keeweb app: https://app.keeweb.info/

Once created simply save it to a local file and then use the NC web interface to upload it in to NC.

Then just locate and click the file and it will open in the NC keeweb app. Once opened it will be in the list of keeweb recent files.

You can then propagate the file with your various passwords etc.

!! Remember after changes to select the ‘Sync’ option in the app to have it written back to the file!!
Screenshot from 2020-08-23 17-27-06

I love Keeweb in NC especially as you can also store OTP codes in Keeweb and it will generate the codes realtime within Keeweb.