Where is the index of files stored?

Not a question for support just couldn’t find the right one.

Where is the index for the files on the cloud stored? When I go to the data directory that I have set I see my files from the cloud under /(my username)/files but when I place a file in there it doesn’t show up on the cloud how can I make it show up by doing that?

I am running dietpi arm64 on a pi3B+

Hi @wesley_allison, you have to run sudo -u www-data php occ files:scan user in your nextcloud server directory. This command works for a native installation ( not with docker and snap).
For a docker or snap installation, try to find the right command tu use php user and add this at the end : occ files:scan user
Replace user by the user name you want to rescan his files or use --all for rescanning the files of all users.

This works and helps me a lot thank you

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