Where is the folder set in the source code?


where can I find the folder where the notes are saved in the source code?
Can I find it anywhere when Notes is already installed?
I know about coding, so I would like to change it in the php files.


No need to change it programmatically - it can be configured in the settings section (bottom left) of the Web UI :wink:

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Thanks a lot!
That was easy. :wink:

You’re welcome! By the way i would never recommend to change source code of any app or the core manually. You would need to apply the changes after every update again.

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This option does not appear to me, only color options. Im using QuickNotes v0.8.1 and Nextcloud 24.0.3 . How can i know where it’s stored in the server?

This is about the Notes app - not Quick Notes, not Carnet, not Simple Notes or any other app.

Quick Notes does store its notes in a database, they are not accessible as files.

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Appreciate it.