Where is the documentation for Proxmox and Truenas Scale

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We are sorely lacking documentation on using Nextcloud alongside Proxmox and Truenas Scale / Core. This should be improved, because these platforms rule for home admins and even small businesses.

This document is editable in the hopes of starting to write up something about these platforms.
Even links to their respective documentation and forums will suffice.

Hey @just
Iā€™m not sure if I understand your scope.
Unfortunately i do not know Truenas (maybe I test it once in a while). But I use Proxmox. And to be honest all the setup of the VM should and is part of the Proxmox documentation.

As soon as the VM is set up there is no big difference between the VM or a dedicated machine. IMHO are the differnces not big enough to cover it separately.

We simply need a topic which points people to the proper documentation so we can stop manually writing this info into every topic that crops up about either.

We can edit the topic post to include this information for users of either platform.

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