Where is the console to enter commands?

Hello all,

Perhaps, this is a Dummy Question, but everywhere in Tutorials about NC, I read commands like this

$ sudo -u www-data php occ

Where too devil is the console to enter these commands, how do I open this console, or which file should I call the console to open???

PS: I have Nextcloud installed on a web space of Hosteurope.

Thanks a lot!

Those needs shell access that you probably don’t have on your account. They is an app in nextcloud that would allow you to run them from the webinterface. I haven’t tested it yet.

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i think there must be some way (hopefully, depending on your contract with your provider) to have /gain access to your webspace. that would be the right place to enter those commands (take note that you should do that from the installing directory of your instance). it’s called bash or shell. it’s something similar to the commandline under windows. at least it’s comparable.

maybe you would run a docker, snap or vm on your webspace - that would make it a bit more complicate.

perhaps you would want to try this addon for your nextcloud? i haven’t tried it myself but it looks as if it’s giving you shellaccess. awww. and you could do some damage there. so pls be careful on what you do… and take backups!


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you have been faster… :+1:

Hey you,

thank you for your quick answers! The idea with the addon is great, I will do that so and it will also probably be the easiest way. You are great!

See you