Where is the 16 upgrade?


Its been some time since 16 was released, but I still do not see it in the updater of my instance. If I switch to the beta channel, it does show up there, but I don’t want to operate on the beta channel, because this nextcloud is being used in production.

I know there are rolling updates, but I thought by now I’d have it available. Is there an issue with 16 that is making my nextcloud think there is no upgrade available yet?



“When a major new version comes out, we wait about one week and only when no problems are found we start the roll out in steps of about 20% of our user base per week. In practice this means a new release is typically only available in the stable channel after the first minor release. Users can always upgrade sooner by choosing the beta channel, which typically tracks stable releases immediately after publishing.”

You still could play it safe with the switch to the Beta channel. Just switch to the Beta channel and reload the page. There can’t happen anything bad yet.
After reloading the page you should see the Update to NC16 advertised and two buttons:
“Download” and “Open Web updater”.

If you hover over the Download button you should see the address to the file show up (in Firefox down at the bottom on the left).
If it shows this address and file, it is safe to open the web updater:

As you can see in this folder there is only the one NC16 version which was released a few days ago on 2019-04-24.:

Betas and Release-Candidates can be found here:

Please notice the difference:

download. nextcloud. com/server/releases/
download. nextcloud. com/server/prereleases/

So, as long as the download button doesn’t show another link (than releases) and not another version (than nextcloud-16.0.0.zip), you are safe to open the web updater.

In any case, create a backup of your current installation, before you perform an update. It is always good to have the option for a rollback in case something goes wrong.
The guide about how to create backups can be found here:


hi there,

be sure to make a backup and be aware that many additional apps may not work any more.

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Please do not post questions in the releases channel. People subscribe to this channel for actual release announcements by the Nextcloud team.


voidpointer is absolutely right. I moved the post to the support category. Thanks for the notification!


normally the major releases in the production channel become available after release of Nextcloud version xx.0.2 in the stable channel.

Ok, thanks for the info. Maybe the release channel forum should be made so only the nextcloud team can post in it?

How can I find out which apps will no longer work?

If you remember there’s a note below your update that explains it. I to am waiting patiently and I hope I get the update and not get skip because my server is a server that I pay for and some stuff I have no control over such as the PHP version and whatnot. Just hang tight brother.

Note that after a new release it can take some time before it shows up here. We roll out new versions spread out over time to our users and sometimes skip a version when issues are found.

Do you have the last version of php, or at least the 7.1 version?

raydelgg Is php 7.1 crucial to the upgrade?

at least php7.1 is required. 7.2 or 7.3 recommended

Well if that’s the case I have to wait for the company I pay for my server to upgrade from 7 .0 to 7.1 that’s a bummer for me.

I am assuming your on a shared platform (EG like a shared Cpanel/Plesk/etc account.). If not then you as a shared client have the privilege to ask for your account to run at a higher PHP version than what the “native” or “system version” is.

If they won’t or otherwise making you wait for them to decide to update PHP and/or to add modules you honestly need a new web hosting provider. As most of them will gladly do this for you if they don’t already with features like “PHP Selector” on Cpanel servers deployed with CloudLinux (what most shared providers use).

You’re correct I’m on shared hosting. The PHP selector only has PHP 7.0 at the moment I haven’t bothered to ask yet. When I asked if it was okay to run nextcloud they said yes they even had it in there easy install area at one time. However, I think nextcloud is moving faster than they are because there are certain things that are restricted that would definitely improve the performance of my nextcloud.

I have been running it for a year-and-a-half I think and just lately I’ve noticed the issues. Or whenever they forked from owncloud is when I installed it.

However, I’m thinking about doing something a little different I have a Home Server with plenty of space. Maybe put a new install of nextcloud on it in maybe in a container haven’t decided yet.

Thank you for the response letting me know :slight_smile:

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You are welcome if you feel like you want/need the newer PHP version(s) just ask them if they can added to the selector’s option. If they are any competency they will should have this done with ~24 hours at most if they don’t have system admins 24/7.

Ideally your correct a new server may be worth it either like a home server you mentioned (remember though you would have to somehow push it to the Internet if you wanna access it from home) or by getting a VPS and slapping it on that.

With Snap ins that shouldn’t be too hard other than understanding how to use the OS, firewall, and similar basic command line (cd, top, nano etc etc etc).

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So running it at home. I could use something similar to duck DNS and let’s encrypt kind of like how I do with my Home Assistant. Unfortunately, I’m strapped for time today to chit chat with the tech support. The company is arvixe.com and I’m pretty sure they’ll update it I know this is probably not the place but these are the warnings I get I used to never get any warnings.

I’m not doing subdomain its https://www.xxx.net/nextcould because I did not feel like paying an extra $100 for the subdomain SSL feature. I tried to fix the SQL problem but I think I wasn’t properly logged in right or do have the admin rifhts because it said permissions denied. I just honestly haven’t had time, unfortunately, I like to really dig in on the documentation before doing anything. "Strict-Transport-Security, to be honest, confuses me a little bit being that I’m not doing subdomain name. The links next to the issues have more documentation as if I controlled the server itself which unfortunately I do not. If I can resolve some of this stuff myself and you know of some good documentation or done it yourself please feel free to hook a brother up :slight_smile:

Sorry, I know this is not the proper thread for this. If you would like to continue this conversation and not bombard This Thread with fixes for one particular person please feel free to private message me.

I am a little rusty, to be honest. Back in the day I did run a website out of my house with Slackware of all things and a fully functioning send mail server but that was a while ago lol before ISP started blocking ports. My main computer is Linux (kde neon) I don’t consider myself a professional or super advanced I’m more of a user that can fix his own problems when they arise. Any help is appreciated that’s why I run Linux because of the community well and the security and the speed and the control lol

I see this is marked as solved but as of Oct 2019 the option for the update to version 16 is still not offered from version 15.0.12 on the stable channel.

This very page as well as the nextcloud home page already list version 17 as stable enough for public download.


Same for me.
The online upgrade feature is really usefull and painless vs manual upgrade.


@shaneknysh How did you install your server? Are you running a snap or docker image or did you install the server from a unix package?

There is a line in the config named “updater” or something like that. What is the value of that?

Same questions to you, @JulienD