Where is NC28 update?

It has not been released yet:

If you want to try the release candidates, you need to switch to the beta channel. The stable channel rolls out the new version slowly after its release.

what do you mean NC28 hasn’t been released?

The documentation says 28 is “the latest stable version of Nextcloud.”, and 27 is “previous”.

As you can see my update channel is set to “stable”

Not sure, they moved this forward too early? I asked in the PR: Update server versions on frontpage by nickvergessen · Pull Request #11261 · nextcloud/documentation · GitHub

Thank you. That was confusing.
So looks like 28 ‘final’ is scheduled for release next week.

Exactly, the release candidate is already published:

You can switch to the beta channel if you want to test it. Ideally, you’d use a test system.


Which I highly recommended. I will probably wait for the first point release, as usual, on my production instance.

@executive Oh, and by the way, PHP 8.2 is more than sufficient to run NC28, no need to rush to a PHP 8.3 upgrade unless you really want to test things :wink:

Not really in fact I’d like to keep to keep PHP as low as possible for compatibility with my other software.

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