Where is my InstantUpload folder on my cloud?

Sorry for not filling out all the troubleshooting info, but this is a pretty quick question and I’m hoping that I am just overlooking something simple.

I had a nextcloud installation. HDD failed so I have rebuilt the computer and installed a new fresh instance. I connected my phone to the new instance no problem. It shows that it is autouploading stuff to the InstantUpload folder but I can’t find that folder anywhere in the new cloud account. So what gives? Where’d it go?

EDIT: I created an InstantUpload folder in my root folder and now when it tries to auto upload it hits an error. I think I may have found a bug? How do I fix this?

I’m pretty sure this is a bug so I’ve logged it as such: New server,InstantUpload broken · Issue #11555 · nextcloud/android · GitHub

Kinda got it working by manually creating the missing folders but still weird behavior overall.