Where is Desktop Client for MacOS with virtual files support?

I would like to use virtual data for my MacBook, but I don’t work at this moment.
I read that I need to use the experimental Desktop Version, but how can I install it and where can I find this setup client.

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Not an experimental version, but you do need to enable experimental mode for the MacOS specific Virtual Files functionality at the current time:


What I miss is a feature that some other sync clients have. When a file is closed, it should be able to automatically dehydrate.

As soon as the download is complete, the file will then be opened normally as now it is a real file on the user’s storage. It won’t disappear, and, from now on, will always be available, unless it is manually dehydrated.

@anon78853765 Automatic free up space on virtual folders · Issue #3180 · nextcloud/desktop · GitHub

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Thanks, seems like an old discussion.