Where is changelog for 20.0.9

Hi folks,

where do I find the change log of version 20.0.9? Today I saw an update available, but no changelog

official website:

See Changelog โ€“ Nextcloud and check it tomorrow or later tonight.

Sometimes I compare versions in the Github.

Link is comparing 20.0.8 to 20.0.9.

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But why is v20.0.4 still tagged as latest release on GitHub? Even there are newer versions.

Please report this on github.com/nextcloud/server/issues

For the other topic, the new versions are about to be released, there is a list of things to do:

If they push out the changelogs before, people will complain that they have a release note but they donโ€™t find the new version anywhere! Ideally they push the update server a bit later after everything is in place (but before the announcements are put out). Itโ€™s probably not the same person and itโ€™s probably not perfectly orchestrated.

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Now changelog is live!

Fixed as well.