Where is a newer client than 2.3.3 ? owncloud now at 2.5?

Dumb Question I know…

Where can I find a newer client than 2.3.3 (Nov 17)

I can see this was the owncloud build to… they are now at 2.5

I can see the Git, but no exe to even test ?


Latest stable version: 2.3.3

I think fork from oc client is long time ago and you can’t compare version numbers.

is it just about version-numbering only?
or which features does oc-client 2.5 have that you’re missing in nc-client 2.3.3?

have you tried using oc-client with nc as well?

We had this question a few days ago:

I think id just like to know the roadmap and to see a better client

  • central config (from server)

e,g defining which folders to sync
removing file patterns and define from server side

  • branding

  • removing owncloud reference

Re the forking from owncloud, why in that case when i click on the git version, does it take me to the owncloud client ?

Im not moaning, just want to understand

We all want that. For the first part I think, they had a focus on the server itself because there was a working client (it’s not perfect and the wish list is very long). They just began end of last year to create a real fork to implement the new E2E functionality. I don’t have more details, I can only make assumptions, from the jobs page (https://nextcloud.com/jobs/), they seem to look for more client developers. So it’s possible that they can’t give a detailed roadmap yet.

Thanks for the reply :wink: