Where do I find the "File handling" menu to increase Maximum Upload Size?

Nextcloud Version: 16.0.0

I need to increase the maximum upload size and would like to do this via my admin panel as described in the manual, because this seems the easiest. However, there are no indications on where to find those settings. Elsewhere I saw that it used to be under Settings -> Additional Settings, but I can’t find that menu either.

Does anyone know where this can be changed now?

It seems like it isn’t necessary to make this change anymore in 16.0.0. The issues I was experiencing with uploading was due to the nginx reverse proxy that I’m using, which limits the upload size to 1mb. I edited the /etc/nginx/nginx.config file and added the following in the http section:

client_max_body_size 0;

After a restart I tested uploading a 950 MB file, which worked perfectly without going through the steps to increase the maximum upload size.