Where can I view Logs on Android app?


I can’t find any info about where can I find logs on Android app in the latest Nextcloud client? All the info I find says there should be an Expert Mode toggle in the settings, but it seems to be outdates as there’s no such toggle in settings where it should be, and I’ve stumbled upon some github talk about changing it.

So… Where is it?

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Same problem à year later

Logs are not “visible” in stable releases, you’d need to run Release Candidates or Dev version (nightly) which offer the log info in the apps settings screen.

@Andy So not on the adb command available on the github either?

on adb/logcat of course! I read the question as: “within the app itself” and we do have a log view but not on stable releases

@Andy would you be kind enough and if you have some spare time to look at my thread about it. I m trying to make it work but it doesn’t at the moment (I mean read the logs )

Unfortunately I never grabbed logs via adb from the command line but only run the app directly via an installation within Android Studio which just shows the log on its own view.

Yeah so now way how to evaluate my app and see what is happening then

The only way I can think of would be to checkout the app’s code, compile/install via Android Studio wiht debug so you could debug the application.
But yes, rather tricky/impossible otherways

Isn’t that a problem ?

I was just wondering about the same thing. It would be nice to contribute fixing some problems, but it is a significant hurdle first installing adb / Android Studio, running the exact same version I am having trouble with, and then hoping to reproduce the same (irregular !) malfunction, while being connected to the desktop machine.

It might be really helpful to see recent logs, just after the problem occurred! Just to be clear, I am getting some sync with the interval of several days, so I suspect connecting to debug is really not an option.

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