Where can I see my login name once connected

once connected to my dashboard, where can I see my login name? I do see my name, but where has my login name been hidden? Thank you.

Are you asking about once you have logged into your NextCloud instance? If so then you can see your name on the menu in the upper right hand corner. Click on the circle with a letter in it and your user name should be at the top of the menu that opens.

Thank you for your help. Unfortunately, I only see my name. Not the username. I thought it’d be obvious to get an easy access to the username; it’s not even visible inside the user’s profile page.

Also in Personal Setting and WebDAV url.

I did some checking and “Full name” under “Personal Info” is NOT your username. I did not find the WebDAV URL mentioned by devnull. Another place I may be able to see my username is in Settings > Sharing > Federated Cloud ID. It is the part before the @.

looks like you see the user name if you visit your profile (click on your avatar and choose “view profile”)… the title will be the username and URI becomes https://cloud.mydomain.tld/u/username no idea if this works when you disable user profiles…

There are Nextcloud instances, such as MagentaCLOUD or Shadow Drive, where the user ID is hidden. However, they are visible in Nextcloud client apps. You can also see the user ID of the recipient during federation sharing. However, this information is usually useless, as this ID is not used for logging in including WebDAV. On the other hand, there are free Nextcloud hosters such as Tab.Digital, which offer the normal Nextcloud and where the user IDs are also provided directly including WebDAV.

So the question is, which Nextcloud is being used?

Thx for your suggestion. Using regular snap-based Nextcloud installation.

It doesn’t because there is no “View Profile” option if you disabled user profiles :wink:

@faxopita Another way to find the actual username would be to click on “Files Settings” at the bottom left in the Files app. Then you should see the WebDAV URL, which ends with your actual username:


And if you are logged in as an administrator, you will of course also find your username in the user management interface, where you can see the usernames of all users.

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You can find all users e.g. in /path/to/nextcloud/data and there is also an occ-command but that differs a little bit in Snap Nextcloud installations.

occ user:

Maybe for you:
sudo nextcloud.occ user:list


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