Where can I see how often a shared file was opened?

Hope this is integreated somewhere.
Do I have to install a plugin for this feature?

THX for advice

There is an app to add some information to the activity stream:

maybe the ongoing work on the dashboard app could lend to some solution to your need:


I would like to see the shared files with number of downloads like this or similar

NAME ----------- DOWNLOADS —from Date to Date
FILE.PDF ------------- 295 ----------- 01.12.18 to 31.12.18

In the Activity App each download is listet seperately and I cannot see how may there have been.
I have to count each when there are hundreds it is not ok

Is there a way to get results like I described above

Is it now 4/2021 possible?

The download activity could perhaps be extended and show more details associated for a file but someone has to code it. Other way could be the piwik app (you need to use piwik in that case as well):