Where can I find my synced file

Needed some help to understand and possibly set up the Windows desktop sync client since I cannot find my synced data.
Running 13.05 self hosted (on my ISP). I have setup (I think) the Windows 10 (64 bit; Home) to sync a folder (contains sub-folders) on my C: drive with my NC instance. Since I am not clear if I have set up the sync client properly, outline of my setup.
Created a local file: C:/Nextcloud with multiple sub folders
Created a NC file Nextcloud to receive my sync documents.
Installed Windows desktop client.
Selected the C:/Nextcloud and NC:/Nextcloud as the folder pair to sync.
Windows client connects successfully to my NC account.
The client syncs the folders ( I think) but who knows where they went.
When I check the NC:/Nextcloud folder to verify the contents, the folder is empty. No data; no sub-folders.
Thinking that I messed up selecting the folder pair I try to set up a new connection to my C:/Nextcloud folder and receive an error that this connection has already been established and to pick another folder. I cancel.
Any help or clarification greatly appreciated.

You can simply delete the connection and try again. It should work the way you wanted, though you might simply as normal user not have rights to write to C:/ - I’m a linux user so these weird drive letters make no sense to me :smiley:
I expect you can only write to files in your home folder, your user folder. Not sure where windows puts that…