Where can i find my personal setting page?

I am new with this and i noticed this nexcloud is very hard to use.
it took me 3 days to set up a accounts like forums acount, app account, server account, then desktop and android apps, etc etc.
why is not everything just on 1 website?

But now i noticing from youtube that there is a personal setting page/account like this.
Where the hell i find this?

Because the Nextcloud GmbH doesn’t offer SaaS/Hosting services themselves. They only provide a community forum, support and consulting for enterprise customers, and of course the software itself. So you’ll need to sign up with a third party if you want a managed Nextcloud, or you can host it yourself, either on-premises on your own hardware or on a cloud server.

The forum here has nothing to do with a Nextcloud account. For a Nextcloud account you need a Nextcloud provider or you have to set up your Nextcloud yourself. The start is e.g. https.//cloud.server.tld . And you can find your personal settings at the top right of the profile icon or at https://cloud.server.tld/settings/user.

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As @devnull said, at the top right on the profile icon.

However, depending on your hosting provider, you may also have to change your personal account settings in a separate admin panel offered by your provider.

And depending on whether they offer you your own instance with full administrative control (usually not available for free), you may or may not have access to the admin settings (the sections under “Adminstration” on your screenshot).