Where can I activate this app for next login?

I do use a managed nextCloud instance.
I’ve installed the Two-Factor TOTP Provider, but can’t see how to activate / use it for the next login.

Have you activated TOTP in Settings → Administration → Security (global setting) and Setting → Personal → Security (personal setting)? The best thing to do is to try it out with a test group and a test user. Do not use your main user and main group.

For german there is a very good video.

Great, will try that.
This video should be linked at the App-Page, or at least it should be described for rookies like me :slight_smile:

@devnull oh, another issue with that. I use DavX⁵, and now it can’t synchronize anymore with my android-device.
On Thunderbird, synchronization also didn’t work for calendars.

Any suggestions for that ?