Where are the Limits of the Nextcloud app?

I am trying to upload a folder that contains 5500 files and is 15GB in size via my Nextcloud Andorid app. but the app closes immediately as soon as I click on upload, as does the Chrome browser when I try to do so. The whole thing confuse me because I have already uploaded over 170GB at once on the PC which worked without any problems. Is there a limit in the app or generally for cell phones or in the Nextcloud itself that I have to adjust?
App version: 3.26.0
NC version: 27.1.4
If more information is needed, please ask :smiley:

Your web browser on your mobile device - has the same behavior? It crashes/closes?

Yes it closes in the same second as i click upload.

For Android client you can try to capture a debug log to determine what might be going on. Either via adb/logcat or or by reproducing in a parallel installation of a Dev edition of the client (most easily installed via F-Droid) then going to Settings->Logs in the Dev app.

For your web browser, no idea. Make sure it’s the full browser, not WebView mode.