Where are tasks stored

NC 17.0.1 Docker Image + Docker Volume for /var/www/html

Dear nextcloudies,
working a few months with this config. For backup i am simply shutdown the container nightly and make a copy of the volume directory / file structure. Now I am setup a new config with NC 18 Beta and after a little bit of playing around everything works but i can not import (or have access in any kind of type…) to my old tasks entries. Any hints?

Thanks all.

which database you are using?


Tasks are part of the CalDAV calendars. Those are also gone?

Sorry, a little bit more explanation. I dont know why and how but my Backup Volume do not start anymore with the nc 17.0.1 docker image. I have only the volume and now have to check where are these tasks stored ( volume, database …).

BUT i have found another solution yesterday evening because i have a tablet where are a local copy of my tasks stored and i can read from this and write it on my new config, there are only a few. But in relation to this i try to transfer my contacts (export from android app and try to import in nc 18 contact app via web interface) and this also do not work because the android app export the contacts in a “old” 2.1 vcf format and nc 18 needs 3.x or 4 vcf syntax.

And as conclusion to this - independed of my first intention - do we have good disaster / recovery concepts for nc ?


that depends on you. :wink: I’m sure some people have.

one point to start. there are many more.