Where are my tables?

Hi !

Nextcloud 12.0.3

Few months ago, I’ve installed Nextcloud 12.0.1. It worked fine. Then I tried to upgrade it to 12.0.3 but an error occurs with contact app. I decided to reinstall all. I deleted all tables with phpmyadmin, I deleted all files of nextcloud and reupload it with the newer version 12.0.3. I was surprised not to have to fill DB settings using the wizard but I said to myself ‘It’s just a great wizard !! Maybe there’s a kind of cache somewhere wich is retrieved by this wizard…’ :wink: All worked fine…

Today, I’ve a problem to delete a file so I look to my log. I see this file is locked and I find a way to unlock it : File is locked - how to unlock

Ok… so I connect to my phpmyadmin and… no tables !!! I open my config.php and … no DB settings !!
Do I host my data ? I don’t think so… or it is an experimental functionnality wich is very strange to my opinion.

How can I retrieve the DB data that I am currently using et transfer it to MY database ?

Thanks !

I’m trying that :

Use the version 12 manual, not version 9.

The installation wizard should provide choosing database on the first web ui installation step. By default it chooses sqllite.

Btw, if you face an error with a single app, there is usually a simpler/smaller solution than reinstalling :wink:.

You’re right !

… Concerning my problem, I think I’ll keep SQLite cause I don’t have SSH enabled on my server then I can’t launch the migration process. I tried to execute the migrate database command through a php file with the “exec” instruction but it doesn’t seem to work and I understant that there’s some prompt questions to answer before launching the process and that’s make me think this technic is really not appropriated.

Nevermind… I think I’ll wait a future version of Nextcloud to reinstall it properly, using MySQL instead of SQLite.

Thanks !