Where are my Nextcloud apps (Android)?

I have many apps enabled in my Nextcloud server instance: videocalls, GpxEdit, PhoneTrack, etc. When I login to Nextcloud via the Andoid 2.0 app, none of these apps are present. Am I missing something or are these not available in the Android app?

These apps are only for the webbrowser. But your can use the contacts, calendar and tasks with 3rd party android apps like Davdroid and Opentasks.

Thank you for the clarification. Thought I was going mad!

However the Android app does include a full embedded browser that allows for example external pages to be displayed very nicely. I think it would be good if there was an option for app developers to also allow their apps to show up in the android client, as most of them have a responsive design and should work fine.

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Cc @Andy something to consider.

I already made a feature request some time ago:

@JasonBayton are there any plans to revisit this? Thanks :+1:

Nothing I’m aware of, ping @tobiasKaminsky :slight_smile: