Where and how are the acutal files stored?

I am running a test instance of Nextcloud installed from the snap package on an ubuntu server.

Now I have a file with the term ‘stunt’ in the filename but when I try to find that with

sudo updatedb && locate stunt

… in the command line of that server nothing comes back.
So where are the files shared through Nextcloud physically stored on the machine serving the Nextcloud instance?

guessing inside an sql database?


Try: find / -name \*stunt*

Data is stored here: /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data/

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nice that you can mark your own post as solution (which it is. thanks for that).

now taking it a little further (and maybe OT in a strict definition of the topic) …

is there a common strategy how to handle a growing /var/snap/nextcoud/ folder efficiently?
I mean where do others move that to. Do you put the entire /var/ away from your (maybe small) system drive, or only /var/snap/ or …

I guess you could try two ways - create a large filesystem on another disk (or elsewhere), integrate it into Nextcloud using the external storage app and move the content there, which is how I manage my 42TB storage array whilst keeping it available via other means (CIFs, SFTP, etc):


… or potentially also “move” your data dir:

“Move” because you’d be symlinking from the existing to new location. Pretty sure that’s supported with the snap install.


In wy nextcloud directoy havent data

In my version (19) I find data in /mnt/ncdata/