When trying to add external storage i get a red circle with exclamation mark

I have a 128gb ssd and i want the files to upload to it, in external storages i enter name, local, name of the directory where the ssd is and its folder where i want the data to save, but a red circle with exclamation mark appeared and when i click on it nothing happens, so i don’t know what’s the error,under authentication i don’have any other option then none and i also tried adding admin under available for but it’s the same, the directory for the ssd that i added is


if i enter


i get a green circle, that means ok,
i replaced configuration with /media/markonjak, but when i try to upload to it it just says forbidden

i would be grateful is somebody can help me

Your nextcloud user must have write/read/execute access. Better he is the owner.

chown www-data:www-data /media/markonjak/opi3_server/nc-data
(Debian, Ubuntu, …)

Perhaps you must change user:group. You find the correct nextcloud user:group with this command:

ls -l /var/www/html/nextcloud/config/config.php
(perhaps you must change the path)

I managed to get the external storage working, thnx for all the help :smiley:, only one more problem, i noticed that when i upload a file to nextcloud, it firstly loads in the hdd of my pc and only then gets transfered to the external ssd, is this normal and can it be changed?