When i upload file.pdf or file.docs> error forbidden

Hey ill be very thankfull to you in advance
it might be a child question but im confuse

im trying to upload .pdf file or .docx or exel file but it gives me error FORBIDDEN
QUES: how to upload pdf,word or exel file cloud let me to upload just rar file ?

I currently have the same issues with office documents, pdf files and video files to name a few.

One solution I can give you is to rename them with a .working extension and then remove the extension with nextcloud rename once its uploaded.

Have asked for ideas on another thread with a little more info so if your still having issues you can check in with that one, if you’ve fixed it would you mind giving me a hint as it may be a solution workable for both scenarios

hey spike sorry for late reply
i have more than 20 clients in my cloud so its not possible to give these instructions to everyone …is there any other solution that i can implement on cloud so every user can easily upload every file like .pdf & .docs etc

and thank you so much

is there any thing i can change in admin panel setting or in development code so users can easily upload these extensions without any struggle

Ok, working solution - for me at least.

Delete the contents of your data directory and nextcloud install directory
Create a database user and database and assign with all permissions using your cpanel/whm
Download and extract into your nextcloud directory the zip file download “nextcloud-12.0.3.zip” rather than the setup php file
Browse to your url and give it an admin name and password, change the data directory if you wish and use the database you just set up instead of sqlite

Everything is working as it should now :slight_smile:

Not sure if it was permissions, setup php, sqlite, used admin menu to change my background or changed the skeleton folder contents - that’s an investigation for another day.

(Once you’ve confirmed this works can you mark this as the solution as this seems to be an issue several people have experienced and it will likely help them too)