When I delete a file it disappears, but then reappears with an updated modified time seconds later

How do I fix this? Thank you.

I am using the 3.0.2 desktop client for our server.

Usually, this is a sign that some other program is also modifying the files on the server, not just Nextcloud. Just to be sure, when you delete a file, what interface are you using to do that?

For example:

  • Nextcloud’s web interface
  • Nextcloud’s WebDAV connection mounted as a network share
  • Nextcloud folder, synchronized to your device via the Nextcloud client
  • Windows/SMB or NFS network share

If you’re using one of the ‘Nextcloud’ options above, then you might need to check with your server admin to see if anyone else might be accessing those files directly, rather than through Nextcloud.

Nope I don’t believe so. And we’re all on the same log in! And this is only happening on this one computer.

So you delete a file on the local computer and it gets synced back down from the nextcloud server a second later?

Yes exactly.

Check out the logs if the client is uploading from this computer again or if the client is syncing the version from the server. What is different with this computer? Antivirus, a ransomware protection or something like that?

Ok on the log it says “403 forbidden”. We only have 1 log in for 7 computers all syncing .
This is home computer that is having the issue. I recently just custom built it and set it up with windows 10 last week. All of the computers at the office are able to delete without any problems.

Yes, but it is important to know if the client recreates the files and syncs it or the server. And on a computer it can be some software, which is tricky to find out. It can be when a software has openend the file when the clients deletes it. There is no second sync solution on the same folder (gdrive, onedrive, …)?

I think you should compare the sync settings of that computer to the ones of ome of the other machines

Just tried to delete something again… it says “Not allowed to remove, restoring” then it changed back to the “403 forbidden”.